Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Citizen's Advice Bureau - Rose Rowan's 100 days project

...a wise beautiful-mouthed friend once said to me.
This friend gave me a profound insight and a starting
point for my 100 days project 2012.  The premise is 
that 'everyone has something to give'.  Thus, everyday
for 100 days...

I will draw a different person's mouth each day. Out of these drawn mouths will come a quote that came from the mouth of my model.

I wish to be inspired by my model and the context 
that I meet them in each day.  Thus, I imagine there 
will be a multitude of mixed media mouth murmerings
presented at the final exhibition in July. 

Find out more about the project and the other 100
Artists involved below.  Massive thanks to Emma!


  1. sweet idea rose. would love to model my mouth and be part of this project that was sent to you from heaven.

    1. Sweet Dan! HOpefully we can organise to meet up:)